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About Dr. Desai & Cardio Uno Team

Dr. Shailesh N. Desai, M.D., is a reputed cardiologist with
20 years' of enormous experience of preventive and rehabilitative cardiology practice in Ahmedabad, Gujarat . He has to his credit, 37,500 patient-hours of ECG monitored exercise experience with zero in–program mortality.

Following are his professional attachments :

Program Director – Cardio UNO Centre, Ahmedabad.

Medical Director – Cardio UNO Plus Preventive Health management Institute, Ahmedabad.

Chief – Cardiac Rehabilitation Dept . – Krishna Heart Institute, Ahmedabad,

(150 Bed Super Speciality hospital).

Hon. Cardiologist : a) P.R.L. (Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad.

b) I.P.R. (Institute plasma Research Ahmedabad).

Research Publication : “Role of supervised exercise & therapeutic lifestyle changes program In management of heart disease” – published in Gujarat Medical Journal , March 1993, special issue on Ischemic Heart Disease.  

Media Coverage : Dr. Desai, Cardio Uno Team and their allied Happy Heart Support Group members have several times received media attention in local TV channels, news papers and magazines like Chitralekha, etc for their public health awareness programs, world heart day celebrations and for organizing marathon walks of heart patients.

Happy Heart Support Group :
This support group of heart patients and well wishers has been organizing various patients benefit activities and public health awareness programs for last five years. it also regularly publishes quarterly magazine “Hriday Dhwani” for the benefit of heart patients. Those intrested in membership may contact :
Cardio UNO

Mr. Rajendra Dave (Phone : + 91 9898088540)
Mr. Navin Shah (+91 9879621851)

Dr. Shailesh Desai, M.D., a dedicated preventive cardiologist has a mission – to prevent & reduce death & suffering caused by heart disease. He has done pioneering work in the field of cardiac rehabilitation and heart disease prevention at LR Cardicac Rehabilitation Center Ahmedabad, earning remarkable popularity & respect during his 20 years of steadily increasing cardiology practice in Ahmedabad.

Soon after his post graduation in medicine, in 1983 from K.M. School of P.G. Medicine & Research, Ahmedabad. he obtained advanced training in cardiology in USA at Deborah Heart & Lung Center , New Jersey and V.A. Medical Center , Los Angeles .

Dr. Desai was greatly influenced & inspired during his medical college days by the great Swami Vivekananda's Ideology of “Learning from the west and serving for the country's poor” and although having an immigration visa to USA and having cleared USMLE examination (ECFMG) with very good score, his love for India and desire to serve Indian patients brought him back to India.

While treating his own young father as one of his initial heart patients, Dr. Desai developed strong motivation to take on the field of Heart Disease Prevention & Rehabilitation. The fact that his father, a diabetic heart patient. who had multiple risk factors who was denied Bypass Surgery by several renowned heart surgeons due to severe multivessel coronary artery disease as early as in 1990; and who could do well for several years without Bypass surgery, was his convincing first-hand experience of power of natural healing & importance of risk factors control. Dr. Desai has shown that most patients with even significant heart disease can survive for many year safely with aggressive medications and comprehensive risk factor control.

Dr. Desai's list of such patients has ever since kept on growing with fast growing popularity of his heart disease prevention & rehabilitation program over last 20 years, reaching nearly 1500 patients who participated in his two months' program with excellent long term results.

Above all, Dr. Desai enjoys a reputation as a cardiologist with honest, caring and highly ethical medical practice in the city of Ahmedabad .  

And last but not the least, Dr. Desai has a dedicated, highly experienced team of qualified medical & paramedical experts who work under one roof with remarkable efficiency to infuse health & motivation in our patients.

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Cardio UNO - Desai Hospital, 48 Chaitanyanagar, Opp Sardar Patel Stadium, Nr Golden Trinagle Building & Pertol Pump, P.O Navjivan, Ahmedabad - 380014  Ph : +91 - 79 - 26404039, 26463390