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Cardiac Rehabilitation and         care after Heart Surgery

   Our Mission

Preventing & reversing heart         Disease

Reducing need for bypass         surgery / angioplasty

Early detection by preventive         health check up

Creating awareness by health         education program

Reducing suffering & cost of         heart disease

Reducing Premature deaths         and disabilities among young         Indians


Every patient enrolling for the cardiac rehabilitation program will be provided the following services :

Initial Medical Evaluation CAD Risk Profile.
ECG Monitored Exercise Sessions - thrice a week, 20 min. each on tread -mill and bicycle      ergometer.
Fortnightly Dietary Counseling.
Psychological Counseling when needed.
Health Education Slide-shows.
C.P.R. Training for the patient and family
Excellent Health Education Material- brochures, booklets, charts,
Monthly Progress Report.
Group Discussion Sessions.
Exit Summary of the Outcome of the prorgram.




Increase in physical fitness and work capacity.
Relief of symptoms : angina, fatigue, or breathlessness on exertion, etc.
Reduction of coronary risk factors : weight, cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, stress,      smoking, etc.
Limiting the progression of atherosclerosis
Decrease in restenosis, graft closure, reinfarction, or rehospitalisation.
Decrease in cardiac morbidity and mortality.
Reduction medication need for angina, hypertension, diabetes, and anxiety.



Restoration of self confidence.
Relief of anxiety and depression.
Improved adaptation to stress.
Reassurance and relief for the relatives.


Return to work, as early and as safely as possible.
Better socialisation and family interaction.



Early discharge and early home activities.
Fewer drugs and medical clinic visits.
Fewer readmissions and re-do procedures.
Reduction in overall medical costs.

Comprehensive Risk factor intervention for SECONDARY PREVENTION

Consensus Panel Statement AHA on Preventing Heart Attack and Death in patients with CAD

Compelling scientific evidence, including data from recent studies in patients with coronary artery disease, demonstrate that a comprehensive risk factor intervention can extend overall survival, improve quality of life, decrease need for an interventional procedures like PTCA CABG, and reduce the incidence of subsequent myocardial infarction.


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