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Reducing Premature deaths         and disabilities among young         Indians


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Cardio Uno Health Education program is committed to provide very valuable information about the disease, its prevention and its management to you & your family. This knowledge will immensely help you to control your disease very effectively and prevent it's serious future complications.

A variety of methods are utilized

•  Pamphlets
•  Posters
•  Video Cassettes
•  VCR Movies
•  Handouts
•  Heart Models
•  Slide Shows

Health Education Lecture - Slideshow Series

CAD - Symptoms - Tests - Treatment Options
Healthful Living - Reversing Heart Disease
Controlling Risk Factors - Therapeutic Life Style Changes
Cardiac Rehabilitation And Exercise For Heart Patients, Why, How Much, What , Type
Heart Healthy Diet
Video Films On Diabetes - High Bp
C.P.R. - Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation

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