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Conquering Heart Disease - by Dr. Desai

The Indian Epidemic of Heart Disease

CAD incidence in India has increased by 220% during last 3 decades - Its Time to wakeup !

Every hour approx 90 Indians are dying due to heart disease. Everyday 20000 new cases of heart disease are detected in India. Approximately 135 million Indians are at present suffering from heart disease. The incidence is still rising inspite of advancements in modern medicine & large number of expensive Bypass / Angioplasty procedures which sadly provide no lasting solution. Stressful, sedentary life and unhealthy diet are the chief culprits for rapidly rising CAD incidence.

According to WHO expert committee estimates, by the year 2025, India will have the highest number of patients of heart disease, diabetes and high BP in the world.

Bypass/Angioplasty - No solution to rising CAD incidence & deaths

Heart Attack & death can occur even after Bypass/ Angioplasty.

It is now proved that most heart patients, in their coronary arteries, have several developing blockages that are not seen on an angiogram (and hence not treated) and, although non-obstructive, these blockages have same high risk of causing heart attack by plaque rupture & clot formation. Tunnel visioned modern cardiology keeps on developing more complicated, risky & expensive operative techniques to open up only the severe blockages but neglects developing vulnerable plaques. Due to uncontrolled, neglected risk factors like, diabetes, cholesterol, high BP, obesity, stress, etc, heart disease progresses relentlessly. Even after enormous amount of money & resources spent after Bypass / Angioplasty, heart attacks & deaths continue to occur and many patients come back with recurrence needing repeat operations which very few can afford.

Watch out ! The treatment offered may be more dangerous than your disease.

Power of Natural Healing - You Can Count On It !

Even the best treatments are not as powerful as preventive health management

Nature has bestowed human heart with amazing capacity of self-healing of blockages (including reversal) and developing ‘Natural Bypass' by increase of several small collateral blood vessels in the heart. Control of risk factors, moderate exercise & diet control along with yoga-stress management can greatly enhance your natural healing process and prevent serious complications for several years. Recently available very effective medicines for cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure, etc, have given a tremendous boost to the success of conservative medical management of heart disease.

Positive physical & mental status can do wonders to your overall well-being by producing several good chemicals like endorphins which heal your plaques, reduce blood clotting, open up your arteries, reduce BP & sugar levels, etc. Our Cardio Uno patients have experienced this power of Natural Healing by achieving an impressive of 30% to 50% increase in peak treadmill performance, 100% to 120% increase in fitness index and decrease of 30% to 40% of medicines within just 2-3 months of Therapeutic Life style Changes (TLC) program. Several recent studies have proved beyond doubt that fatty deposit causing heart disease can be reserved (Circulation journal, August 2004 article) and risk of heart attack and symptoms of angina can be reduced by 40% to 60% by aggressive medical management and TLC Program.

According to the well known cardiologist Dr. Enas A. Enas, (Director, Coronary Artery Disease in Asian Indians Research Foundation, Illinois, USA), the treatment of heart disease has now come to nearly a full circle, with prevention and comprehensive risk factors reduction therapies becoming the foundation of the long term management of coronary artery disease.

As against 220% increase in CAD incidence in India during last 2-3 decades, USA has achieved an impressive 60% reduction in CAD incidence, thanks to aggressive preventing measures and control of risk factors. It's time for us, Indians, to wake up.

You can change your cardiac destiny.

Controlling Risk Factors By Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes–(TLC)

Experience the power of prevention first hand.

To be more effective & successful, the changes in lifestyle and the efforts to control risk factors have to be aggressive, well organized, comprehensive (all inclusive) and should be aided by multispeciality medical guidance of cardiologist, dietitian, exercise expert, yoga instructor, health educator etc.

This new, very successful approach is now well recognized as Therapeutic Life Style Changes (TLC) Program. Together with modern technology and new effective drugs to control diabetes, blood cholesterol and blood pressure, Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC) program can achieve unbelievably good results at a much lower cost with lasting benefits to physical, cardio vascular & mental health of the patients. Slowing down and even reversal of atheroslcerotic process with significant reduction in symptoms, complications & deaths are all very much possible with TLC Programs.

Cardio Uno – Your Partner In Disease Management

Taking the 'Risk' out of your risk factors

Cardio Uno's scientific, multispeciality, comprehensive risk factors control program has been developed with great efforts & care for controlling & reversing heart disease and restoring health & fitness. Several years of experience & meticulous efforts have gone into the development of this program. Cardio Uno provides a well coordinated network of ultramodern ECG monitored exercise program, high quality professional diet & stress management counseling, extraordinary health education program with video home theatre & library and cardiology consulting & latest diagnostic facilities, all under one roof. Cardio Uno provides an excellent platform & motivation to the patients to achieve remarkable control for their risk factors like diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, obesity and to achieve better exercise tolerance.

This slows down and even reverses the otherwise progressive process of heart disease. With greatly improved fitness and quality of life, better control of risk factors and an average 30-40% reduction in medicine requirement, our patients gain much more from the program than what they pay. Cardio Uno's unbelievably good results have established Cardio Uno as an ideal example and a ‘Light House' for the effective treatment and long term management of heart disease.

We wish more & more heart patients and also those having a higher risk for developing heart disease take advantage of Cardio Uno program and we request you to recommend it to your friends and family members.

Please, join us in our mission to reduce death and disability caused by heart disease and help us build a healthy nation, free of disease and suffering.

Treating patients with tomorrow in mind.

Be a part of Cardio Uno family.  

Dr. Shailesh N. Desai, M.D.
Program Director, Cardio Uno.


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