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Conquering Heart Disease -
        by Dr. Desai

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Cardiac Rehabilitation and         care after Heart Surgery

   Our Mission

Preventing & reversing heart         Disease

Reducing need for bypass         surgery / angioplasty

Early detection by preventive         health check up

Creating awareness by health         education program

Reducing suffering & cost of         heart disease

Reducing Premature deaths         and disabilities among young         Indians

Health Checkup For All
      (Catch & Control Your Silent Diseases Well- in time )

Economy Health Checkup Package –Rs. 800/-

1. Medical examination.
2. ECG [Electrocardiogram]
3. X-ray chest
4. Blood tests – CBC [Complete Blood Count], ESR, Bl.Group Cholesterol, Urea, Urine[R],     Fasting Blood Sugar. SGPT


Cardiac Health Checkup – Rs.2800/-

1.  Consultation by Cardiologist - Electrocardiogram (ECG) & X-ray Chest
2.  Stress Test (Computerized Treadmill Test)
3.  Complete Blood Count (CBC) & ESR, Blood Group
4.  Kidney function : S Creatinine, Blood Urea, Urine Routine
5.  Blood Sugar – FBS, PPBS (after 100gm. Oral glucose)
6.  Serum Lipids – S. Cholesterol, S. Triglycerides, HDL, LDL
6.  Liver Function Test – SGPT, S. Bilirubin


Executive Health Checkup Rs.2500/-


Hemoglobin, E.S.R.
Total W.B.C. / Differential Count
Peripheral Smear
Platelet Count

Screening for Diabetes

FBS, PPBS (after 100gm Glucose)

Lipid Profile

Total cholesterol
HDL cholesterol
LDL cholesterol
Chole / HDL Ratio

Liver Function Tests

Total Protein (Albumin / Globumin)
Alkaline Phosphatase
S Bilirubin

Kidney Function Tests

Urea, Creatinine
Uric Acid

General Tests

Blood Grouping
Complete Urine – Routine
Stool Test – Routine
ECG (Resting)
X-ray chest PA view

Special Tests

- Consultation by Cardiologist
- Computerised Treadmill Test
- Pulmonary function Test (PFT)
- Abdominal Sonography (Screening Only)
- Pap smear for women & PSA for Men

- 2D - Color dopplor echocardiogram



Complementary for All Patients

1. Diet Counselling
2. CAD Risk Score (Risk Estimation For Future Heart Attack)
3. Film show on Heart Disease Prevention
4. Computerised Medical Record File And Health Card
5. Tea / Biscuits, Library Reading Facilities

Preventive Health Management Advice For All Patients by Dr. Shailesh Desai, M.D.


Cardio UNO - Desai Hospital, 48 Chaitanyanagar, Opp Sardar Patel Stadium, Nr Golden Trinagle Building & Pertol Pump, P.O Navjivan, Ahmedabad - 380014  Ph : +91 - 79 - 26404039, 26463390