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Heart Attack - Are you at risk?

Heart attack is number one killer of the modern times. It can strike people of any age. And now is proving deadly even for those in the early thirties. The incidence of heart disease has increased by 220% in last 20 years due to stressful life, wrong diet & lack of exercise.

Coronary Heart Disease:

The inside walls of the arteries are normally smooth. Starting from young age, over the years, these may become plugged up with deposits of fat and cholesterol. This process is known as atherosclerosis. As the fatty deposits, known as plaques, continue to build up, they narrow the arteries and reduce the flow of blood and oxygen supply to heart muscle. When this occurs person gets anginal chest pain on exertion or in severe cases even heart attack

Knowing and Controlling risk factors can reduce your risk up to 80%

If you do not know what is your weight, blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure etc. go for Cardio Uno's preventive health check up package, contact us for an appointment on 079-2646 3390, 2640 4039

Take our preventive health checkup to know your risk factors
Time: 8 to 11 am. and 5 to 9 pm.

Take this Heart Quiz to know your risk of heart attack:

By answering a few simple questions, you can get a good idea of your own risk of developing heart disease over the next 10 years. To take this quiz, you will need to know your blood pressure, total cholesterol, body weight and blood sugar levels.

I am [Age]

Male under 40 --------------------- 1

Male 40 or older ------------------- 2

Female before menopause --------1

Female after menopause --------- 2

My total cholesterol is

200 mg/dL of below ----------------0

200 to 240 mg/dL -------------------1

Above 240 mg/dL--------------------2


My Body Weight is

Normal -----------------------------0

Up to 10% overweight ------------1

More than 10% overweight-------2

My blood pressure is

Below 120/80------------------------0

Between 120/80 and 140/90-------1

Above 140/90 -----------------------2

I exercise [Walking, Cycling, Swimming, sports etc.]

More than 30 minutes most days of       the week--------------------------- 0

Up to 30 minutes most days of the      week-------------------------------- 1

Very little -------------------------- 2

My smoking or Tobacco history is

Never smoked-----------------------0

Quit more than three years ago ---1

Don't smoke but live with people who       smoke -------------------------------2

Quit less than three years ago ----2

Currently smoke -------------------3

I have high blood sugar levels or diabetes

No ------------------------------------0

Yes -----------------------------------2

My family history is

No family history of heart attacks--0

One blood relative has heart disease        ---------------------------------------1

More blood relatives have heart        disease ------------------------------2


A score of 0 to 4 indicates low risk of developing heart disease

A score of 5 to 8 indicates moderate risk of developing heart disease

A score of 9 to 17 indicates high risk of developing heart disease

Note: This score system gives an approximate estimate of future cardiovascular events based on the presence of various risk factors. This cannot substitute a medical examination and doctor's advice


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